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When looking to expand your business outside your home jurisdiction, you need to understand the local requirements. With the myriad of regulations that differ from country to country, setting up a business in a foreign jurisdiction can be a daunting task. Acclime is here to guide you through the process.

Generally in Asia, a corporate structure is the most efficient way to establish your business. Not only will you need to incorporate a company, but you will need to satisfy the local requirements on corporate regulation, such as having a local director (in some jurisdictions) and a local company secretary. There are minimum capital requirements which vary from country to country and often depend on the type of business that you will be operating.

The company will need to open a bank account - our longstanding relationships with banks in the region facilitate this process. In many cases, local licenses are required to operate, and in some countries, it may be necessary to partner with a local company to meet the ownership requirements for your industry. Office space may be required for your business. With our on the ground presence in jurisdictions around the region, we can assist you in finding the office space that suits your needs. You may also need to consider trademark registration in some jurisdiction to protect your company’s intellectual property rights, which we can also support.

Once established and operating, there are unique requirements for each jurisdiction regarding corporate reporting, including lodging annual returns, maintaining minute books of directors meetings, registers of beneficial ownership, nominee directors and notifying the local regulator of any changes in the ownership structure of the company. Our company secretarial services will take care of all of these administrative requirements, allowing you to focus on the business of the company.

Our business services.

Company formation

  • Company registration
  • Registered & virtual office
  • Nominee director & shareholder
  • Bank account opening
  • Offshore company registration
  • China market entry services

IP & licensing

  • Trademark registration
  • Business licenses

Corporate changes

  • Company secretary
  • Amalgamation
  • Company dissolution

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