Custodial services
in Asia.

As custodians for our clients, we can reliably represent you or your business when performing international transactions or assist you with authentication of your documents.

How we can help.

In recent years, more and more foreigners have invested in businesses across Asia or have relocated there to start a business, get married, or look for jobs. For all such purposes, the need to deal with tedious, document-heavy processes is a reality no one can escape from. And everyone is aware that document-related processes can be time-consuming, difficult to understand, or simply frustrating.

To facilitate your transition to Asia, we have created several custodial services which take this burden off your shoulders and make you focus on what is essential for you. When you have to use documents for legal matters in a foreign country, it may be necessary to have their authenticity certified, notarised or legalised, or all of the above. Authentication is done by various authorities, depending on the type of a document. At Acclime, we provide all of these services quickly and easily.

In addition, as your process agent, we can represent you or your business when performing international transactions or entering into legal agreements in a country where you don’t have a physical presence or a registered address. Being your agent, we can accept services of notices, proceedings, or legal documentation for your cross-border financial transactions in Hong Kong & Singapore. And, as soon as we receive the documents, we can notify you via courier mail, email, WhatsApp or WeChat, and thus keep you informed at all times on the developments with your business.

Our custodial services.

  • Process agent

  • Document certification
  • Document notarisation
  • Apostilisation & legalisation
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