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Let Acclime take care of your HR & payroll needs. Our modern payroll technology can be tailored for your company’s specific needs, leaving payroll and HR headaches a thing of the past.
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Across the region, employment laws differ and it is vital to seek in-country advice when setting up a business. We offer a wide range of HR administrative services that are designed to help startups and small businesses without dedicated HR teams implement their corporate HR policies compliantly.

If you are ready to start hiring and grow your team, we can help you save time and take the essential HR responsibilities off your plate. Our services range from drafting an HR policy manual for your company and responding to employee queries to providing employment agreements.

Once the employees are on board, we have a comprehensive payroll solution for your business that allows you to outsource all aspects of employee remuneration in a cost-effective way via proven payroll technology and infrastructure. Our payroll system operates across multiple jurisdictions in a highly secure, confidential environment giving the employer and employees both desktop and remote access (through a laptop, tablet or phone).

Whether your employees are paid monthly or by the hour, our system can adapt to your payroll needs with payslips made available electronically to employees on each pay date. Where tax or pension contributions need to be deducted at source, we will calculate those amounts for you. Our system has the capability for employees to apply for leave online and have that leave approved. It will also allow the claiming of expenses in a straightforward way, freeing up employees time to devote to the business. At year-end, the necessary tax reports will be generated for both the employer and the employee.

Our HR & payroll services.


  • Initial payroll setup
  • Monthly payroll & reporting services
  • Help desk
  • Cash management services
  • Statutory compliance services
  • Year-end services
  • Client self-service

HR administrative

  • Employee on-boarding support
  • Preparing HR policy & handbook
  • Drafting & reviewing employee contracts
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