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Acclime announces strategic expansion into India with the acquisition of CIBC.

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22 June 2022, Hong Kong – Asia Pacific’s premier corporate services provider, Acclime, has announced its strategic expansion into India by acquiring a leading corporate services consultancy, Concept International Business Consulting (CIBC).

Co-Founder and CEO of Acclime, Martin Crawford, said CIBC has a 12-year history of specialising in regulatory compliance, market strategy, financial advisory, recruitment, and cultural adaptation.

“CIBC has been a trusted advisor to more than 750 European and American companies, helping them navigate complex local markets to establish successful operations in India,” Mr Crawford said.

“India is a key part of our growth plans, and our merger with CIBC establishes a “beach-head” for Acclime, from which further expansion in the region will be possible – in terms of geographic coverage and the types of services we offer.

“It also provides CIBC’s clients with access to Acclime’s established operational network across the Asia Pacific and permanent representation through our offices in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America.”

Mr Crawford said Acclime intends to be a major player in India and will actively assess opportunities to grow its pipeline of compliance and corporate services businesses.

CIBC was founded in 2009, and under the stewardship of Directors Sujay Sen Gupta, Yajna Prakash, Ritesh Dudeja and Saurabh Gupta, the company has grown into one of the most respected consulting companies in the country. CIBC currently employs 50 staff across two locations in India.

CIBC Chief Executive, Sujay Sen Gupta, said the merger is a significant endorsement of the company’s professional skills and market leadership and an exciting new chapter for its experienced team.

“We chose to merge with Acclime because of our shared values, complementary services, commitment to people, and the strength of the pan-Asian network they have built,” Mr Sen Gupta said.

“We’re excited to be able to provide our clients with access to Acclime’s established network across Asia and the opportunity to provide market entry services, including M&A into Asia and expand our services to include far deeper accounting, financial and HR services than before.”

CIBC will formally transition to the Acclime India brand on 25 August 2022. Wodehouse Capital exclusively facilitated this merger.

Acclime announces strategic expansion into India with the acquisition of CIBC