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Numerous entrepreneurial families, family enterprises, and private clients rely on Acclime’s counsel. Our clients particularly value the fact that they receive comprehensive advice from one source: a full range of services and individual private-client consulting by a team that has advised family businesses and their owners for years. The services we offer to private clients include:

Estate planning.

The fiduciary vehicles we can assist to establish are Trusts and Foundations in various jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, and Panama. The suitability of a Trust or Foundation and the jurisdiction of governing law will depend entirely on each of the client’s particular situations, geographical location and even simply the choice of persona.

The services we can provide include but are not limited to:

  • Protection of assets from sequestration
  • Prevention of the dissipation of family wealth and maintaining continuity of family assets
  • Migration of family wealth and executing family philanthropic objectives
  • Provision of education and maintenance for children and other family members
  • Protecting the next generations from losing assets through divorce
  • Long term care and provision of funds for handicapped or high maintenance dependents or children
  • Corporate and personal tax structuring to reduce taxation at home and in foreign jurisdictions (such as reducing personal and estate taxes and death duties or capital/gift taxes)

Family office.

The primary function of our family office service is to centralise the management of large family fortunes. Typically, we achieve this by carefully selecting professional partners to manage investments, taxes, trusts, and legal matters to effectively transfer established wealth across generations.

Our goal is to provide the same menu of personal services that a wealthy family would normally expect from its own family office. We offer a wide range of advisory services, including the selection of private banks and assets managers, facilitating the opening of bank accounts and the acquisition of assets across the globe. We will also monitor the performance of fund managers, maintain books and records for clients and undertake all regulatory and tax filings where necessary.

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