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Legal services in Asia.

Acclime has a team of experienced lawyers who can assist you with your legal issues. We offer personalised legal consultations to assist you in evaluating your case and making informed decisions about how to proceed.

How Acclime can help with your legal matters.

Acclime provides various legal services to aid foreign-invested businesses in meeting their legal obligations. Our professional lawyers can assist you with notary services, powers of attorney, document translation, and contract drafting.

Notarised documents are often required by establishments like banks, embassies, and governments. We can authenticate a range of documents, including legal contracts, powers of attorney, wills, and more by certifying signatures, affidavits, testimonies, and administering oaths.

Powers of attorney can be useful when someone cannot manage their own affairs or needs to appoint another to act on their behalf legally. Acclime can advise and help you draft a power of attorney agreement tailored to your needs.

If you operate a company in a foreign country, language barriers can be challenging. Business jargon requires high accuracy, and small translation errors can cause misunderstandings impacting your business or clients. Acclime ensures all translation and proofreading is done by native, in-country professionals with legal experience. We can also help draft contracts to include all essential terms and conditions.

Our legal services.

  • Notary
  • Power of attorney
  • Document translation
  • Contract drafting
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Hugh Darwell, Regional Business Development