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Acclime Corporate Services Ltd HK successfully completes the legal amalgamation with Fiducia Ltd.

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Hong Kong, March 19 2024Acclime Corporate Services Ltd HK (Acclime) is pleased to announce the successful completion of its merger and amalgamation with Fiducia Ltd. This strategic move positions Acclime as a leading integrated player in the Hong Kong business landscape, offering a wider range of services and enhanced expertise to clients.

Founded by Cynthia and Juergen Kracht in 1982 and led by their son Stefan since 2012, Fiducia has, for the past four decades, set the standard for supporting European clients, mainly from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as they expand operations in Greater China. These services included corporate, payroll, accounting, tax, and compliance, all on a systems basis. Additionally, the Fiducia team plays a crucial role in the supply chain management of a growing number of clients, sourcing products from Mainland China.

Driven by client demand for broader Asian exposure in markets like Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, Fiducia sought to expand its footprint. Recognising Acclime’s strong presence in these regions, the two companies merged in a mutually beneficial move.

Eighteen months post-merger, the Fiducia team and its clients have seamlessly integrated into the Acclime network, both in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Stefan Kracht, now part of the Acclime partner group, expressed his satisfaction with the integration. “I am proud to have successfully integrated our firm with Acclime and thrilled to be part of the Acclime partner group. We have expanded our relationships with existing clients into other Asian markets where Acclime has operations. This growth brings more development opportunities for our team and provides access to colleagues with valuable expertise that we can rely on,” he stated.

With the addition of Fiducia, the Acclime team in Hong Kong now has 100 professionals – and continues to grow. Stefan, the former leader of Fiducia, has been promoted to a Group role, where he will oversee the integration of newly acquired firms into Acclime. The daily operations of Hong Kong will now be managed by Miguel Latorre, who joined the company in December 2023 and brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge.

“I am thrilled to join Acclime Hong Kong at this exciting time of the firm’s journey. Since relocating from Southeast Asia, my base since 2006, to Hong Kong, I am amazed by the vibrant energy of this city, truly establishing itself as Asia’s investment hub,” said Miguel. “Likewise, for Acclime, we aim to grow the Hong Kong business to be an industry leader. The clients and team that have come to us via the Fiducia integration bring a whole new dimension to the business, and I am delighted to welcome them. We have ambitious plans for the future, including the opening of new offices in late 2024 to co-locate the team under one premise. We are confident that these developments will drive our growth and success in the coming years.”

Acclime Corporate Services Ltd HK successfully completes the legal amalgamation with Fiducia Ltd

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